Dimethylformamide (DMF)

Product NameDimethylformamide (DMF)
Product CategoryAgriculture 
Application TypeFoliar Spray
Drip Irrigation
Soil Drenching
Suitable For Agriculture
Kitchen Gardens
Terrace Gardens
Hydroponic Farming
Recommended ForOrganic Farming

DMF is an organic compound with the formula(CH-NCH.Commonly abbreviated) DMF, and this colourless liquid is miscible with water and most organic liquids.DMF is a common solvent for chemical reactions.

Application & Usage

DMF is used to produce acrylic fibres and plastics. It is also used as a solvent in peptide coupling for pharmaceuticals, making pesticides and manufacturing of adhesives, synthetic leathers, fibres, films and surface coatings.

Technical Specifications

CAS No.68-12-2
Chemical FormulaC3H7NO
EC No.200-679-5
Shelf LifeThree years
Solubility in WaterInsoluble
Un No.2265
Boiling Point153°C
Density944 kg/m³
Molar Mass73.09 g/mol
Melting Point-61°C
Product/Service CodeDMF-3D

Additional Details

Pack Size200 Kg and 1000 Kg IBC Tank
Minimum Order Quantity200 Kg
Lead TimeImmediate Dispatch
Payment Terms100% Advance
Payment ModeSales Within India:
Online Transfer, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, Google Pay, Phone Pe, Pay with IndiaMart, UPI, DD and Cheque (Subject to Realisation)

International Sales:
Online Transfer via Payment Link, Wire Transfer, PayPal and LC

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