GlucoPure™ K Potassium Gluconate Liquid

Product NamePotassium Gluconate Liquid
Product CategoryAgriculture 
Application TypeFoliar Spray
Drip Irrigation
Soil Drenching
Suitable For Agriculture
Kitchen Gardens
Terrace Gardens
Hydroponic Farming
Recommended ForOrganic Farming

Potassium is a significant constituent within all living cells. It is a Necessary nutrient and is required in large amounts by plants. Potassium regulates water balances and nutrient and sugar movement in plant tissue and drives starch and protein synthesis, disease resistance and nitrogen fixation. Potassium aids the plant by preventing all diseases and heat damage. In addition, Potassium helps to cycle nutrients through leaves, roots and stems.

The dynamic nature of amino acids and gluconates forms chelates with the mineral and results in better absorption of nutrients by the plant. Gluconate (Glucose) acts as carrier material which results in increased uptake of Potassium by the plant. GlucoPure™ K Applies in all cases of potassium deficiency and when there is a harmful potassium depletion. For example, potassium depletion may be the reason for diabetic acidosis, diarrhoea, vomiting, Etc. Potassium chloride is used, but Potassium Gluconate is preferable because of its slightly mild saline taste.

Potassium Gluconate Liquid Benefits

  1. It helps in photosynthesis by forming energy-high compounds (EHC) and boosts vegetative growth.
  2. It is essential in regulating plant cell water and nutrient movement.
  3. It Improves the flower formation, fruit set, seed set and rate of maturity, which gives in higher yields.
  4. The application of Nutrimin Potash makes cell walls harder, increasing resistance to agricultural pests and diseases.
  5. It Activates plant enzymes which help synthesise carbohydrates, amino acids and protein.
  6. It improves the fruits’ colour and increases their market value and consumer acceptance.
  7. It Increases crop yield, enhances the quality and Prolongs the shelf life of the rise.
  8. It Maintains turgor, Decreases water loss and wilting, and increases plant resistance to drought.
  9. It is  Completely biodegradable and improves soil Health Conditions.
  10. It is Easy to be used with other fertilizers/pesticides.

Additional Details

Pack Size1L,5L,10L, 25L, 50L, 200L, and 1000L
Minimum Order Quantity200 Litres
Lead TimeImmediate Dispatch
Payment Terms100% Advance
Payment ModeSales Within India:
Online Transfer, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, Google Pay, Phone Pe, Pay with IndiaMart, UPI, DD and Cheque (Subject to Realisation)

International Sales:
Online Transfer via Payment Link, Wire Transfer, PayPal and LC

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