Minolite™ Pond Plus (Pond Probiotic Coated Zeolite Granules)

Product NamePond Probiotic Coated Zeolite Granules
Product CategoryAquaculture 
Application TypeApplication In Ponds
Suitable For Aquaculture
Recommended ForOrganic Farming

Minolite™ Pond Plus Granules are very advanced innovations to resolve multiple challenges with a single application in the aquaculture industry. It is powered by FLYCHEM INDIA’s most research-based Pond Protect Technology. Benefits of Pond management probiotics combined with the most helpful zeolite granules can bind toxic gases like Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, and Methane as well as manage pond sludge and improves pond water quality drastically. It can create a healthier environment for shrimp and improves their health; by this, weight and yield would be increased.

Pond Probiotic Coated Zeolite Granules Benefits

  1. Binds Ammonia in the Pond and converts Toxic Compounds like Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercaptan into the stable.
  2. Excellent Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).
  3. Cleans pond bottom and foul odours with its active Elements.
  4. It maintains the balance of Bicarbonate alkali.
  5. It can effectively keep pond sludge.
  6. Supports phytoplankton development.

Technical Specifications

Shelf LifeFive Years

Additional Details

Pack Size25Kg
Minimum Order Quantity25 Kg
Lead TimeImmediate Dispatch
Payment Terms100% Advance
Payment ModeSales Within India:
Online Transfer, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, Google Pay, Phone Pe, Pay with IndiaMart, UPI, DD and Cheque (Subject to Realisation)

International Sales:
Online Transfer via Payment Link, Wire Transfer, PayPal and LC

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