NATCA-98% Tech (N-Acetyl Thiozolidine4 – Carboxylic Acid)

Product NameN-Acetyl Thiozolidine4 – Carboxylic Acid
Product CategoryAgriculture 
Application TypeFoliar Spray
Drip Irrigation
Soil Drenching
Suitable For Agriculture
Kitchen Gardens
Terrace Gardens
Hydroponic Farming
Recommended ForOrganic Farming

These are widely demanded in the agricultural industry for giving resistance power to plants, which helps them to grow in poor cultivating conditions. NATCA-treated plants to resist terrible growing conditions since the bio-stimulator helps the plant overcome critical periods throughout the growing cycle.

N-Acetyl Thiozolidine4 – Carboxylic Acid Benefits

  1. Promotes seed germination.
  2. promotes plant growth.
  3. Increases fruit-setting rate.
  4. increases fruit yielding.
  5. It is used as a bio-stimulants for foliar spray.
  6. Improves the quality of fruits and vegetables.

Technical Specifications

CAS No.5025-82-1
Shelf Life2 Years
Molecular Weight175.21 g/mol
Melting Point146-148°C
pH Value2.0-2.8
Boiling Point439+/-45°C
Solubility in WaterYes
Solubility in Solvents100% soluble in industrial solvents like DimethylFormamide, Methanol and Ethanol

Additional Details

Pack Size1 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity25 Kg
Lead TimeImmediate Dispatch
Payment Terms100% Advance
Payment ModeSales Within India:
Online Transfer, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, Google Pay, Phone Pe, Pay with IndiaMart, UPI, DD and Cheque (Subject to Realisation)

International Sales:
Online Transfer via Payment Link, Wire Transfer, PayPal and LC

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