Probinord™ White Gut Probiotics

Product NameWhite Gut Probiotics
Product CategoryAquaculture 
Application TypeFeed Mix
Pond Application
Suitable For Aquaculture
Recommended ForOrganic Farming

FLYCHEM INDIA developed an innovative formulation Using Most Advanced ShrimpShield™ Technology to prevent and treat white gut disease in Shrimp. It’s a unique blend of probiotics, enzymes, herbs, and vitamins. White gut disease is a significant disease found in aquaculture. White gut disease should be prevented from spreading diseases. All our products are manufactured and exported, meeting customers’ highest quality standards and requirements. 

Our customers have witnessed a low incidence of illness and improved the Shrimp’s health. The dosage we use is based on the stocking density, and the product works effectively at a wide range of pH, salinity, and temperature. Diarrhoea is one of the main reasons which can cause gut conditions. Safe in use, no harmful chemicals and no impurities are some of the best features of White Gut Control in aquaculture. 

3.5 To 5grams/ kg of Feed or as directed by an aqua consultant should be used daily. Anti-nutrient factors present in the Feed must be digested for efficient release of nutrients, and harmful bacteria in the shrimp gut must be controlled for rapid growth and healthier Shrimp.

White Gut Probiotics Benefits

  1. Probinord™ prevents and treats white gut disease in Shrimp.
  2. Increases shrimp weight.
  3. Enhances feed conversion ratio and growth rate.
  4. Boosts Shrimp immunity and reduces mortality.
  5. Probinord™ improves gut microflora and also reduces white gut problems.
  6. Probinord™ Improves Pond Water Quantity.
  7. Reduces Softshell And Loose Shell Problems.
  8. Probinord™ improves Shrimp’s skin colour.

Technical Specifications

CompositionProbiotics, Herbal Extracts, Enzymes, and Vitamins
Shelf Life18 Months
Dosage2.5 Gram per 1Kg of Feed
(Add along with Binder)
Product/Service CodePBN-AQ

Dosage: 5gms in 1kg feed/Twice Weekly.

Additional Details

Pack Size25 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity50 Kg
Lead TimeImmediate Dispatch
Payment Terms100% Advance
Payment ModeSales Within India:
Online Transfer, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, Google Pay, Phone Pe, Pay with IndiaMart, UPI, DD and Cheque (Subject to Realisation)

International Sales:
Online Transfer via Payment Link, Wire Transfer, PayPal and LC

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