About Us

Flychem India Pvt Ltd is set firm upon growing strong reputation and credibility through offering and delivering the clients superior quality products at the most competitive prices and on time. Flychem India's fundamental objective is to churn continuous value for its vast network of stakeholders, including clients, shareholders, and employees. While multiplying the business revenues, the Company is devoted to conducting sustainable business to meet our social and ethical obligations.

Our Technology

Flychem India Pvt Ltd is associated with "The Best" technology-driven minds across the industry globally. Over the past few years, our team of committed, highly skilled, and knowledgeable chemists has identified the relevant manufacturers worldwide, with their expert scientists, who develop these safe chemicals in their laboratories before sending them for bulk manufacturing. The products created in the labs are tested in the pilot plant to iron out any concerns before being scaled up for manufacturing. Our organized risk-mitigating processes are in place to eliminate potential dangers of chemical reactions, such as sudden fire or explosion. Threats are meticulously identified, evaluated, and addressed before rolling out each product for manufacturing. At Flychem India, we always believe in working closely with international manufacturers and clients to understand cutting-edge technologies and updated requirements for the quick launch and supply of new and innovative products.

Dr. Siva Rama Krishna Moolagundam

"Our Vision is to lead the industry as a symbol of technological advancement and innovation. Our Mission is to understand the earth concept and make agriculture more responsible."

Mr.Siva Rama Krishna Moolagundam, Founder and Managing Director of Flychem India Pvt Ltd, adds immense value to the organization with his 20 years of experience and expertise in Agriculture and Allied Industries. Over these years, he has worked intensely and built a strong association with leading Agro Chemical and Agri Biotech Giants across the Globe. This camaraderie has given him hands-on experience in formulating, designing & developing cutting-edge products with assured success. Flychem India Pvt Ltd was established in 2014 and incorporated in 2022. Mr. Siva Rama Krishna's previous experience and expertise in product quality enhancement, technological know-how, and dynamic perspective added undefeated growth and development to the organization. Mr.Siva Rama Krishna, with his fresh and innovative ideas, adds new momentum to the business, while his leadership aptitude sees through the seamless implementation of the ideas. Moreover, his magnanimous disposition ensures employee and client satisfaction throughout their journey with Flychem India Pvt Ltd . With his flair for perfection, Mr. Sivaramakrishna works incessantly towards keeping Flychem India Pvt Ltd ahead of the pack in the ever-competitive market.

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