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Contract Farming in India

Flychem India has extensive experience with contract farming ,organic farming certifications (NOP, NPOP and JAS )and documentation. Our farming partners will cultivate a variety of products according to the climatic requirements of their various climates and soils. Offering a wide variety of Food grains , Spices ,Herbal products, Oil seed crops , Fruits , Vegetables ,Flowers and Live stock  as per buyer’s requirements. However, it is a strategy that can help sponsors become more profitable while also increasing the revenue of farmers.

Contract farming benefits

Contract farming is an agreement between a farmer and a buyer in which the farmer agrees to provide a specified amount of crops or livestock to the buyer at a predetermined price. The buyer, in turn, agrees to purchase the crops or livestock from the farmer. Contract farming has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for farmers to sell their products and for buyers to guarantee a steady supply of goods. There are many benefits of contract farming for both farmers and buyers. In this blog post, we will explore some of those benefits.

What is contract farming?

Contract farming is a system in which farmers grow crops or rear livestock according to an agreement with an agribusiness company. The company provides the farmer with inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, and feed, and in return, the farmer agrees to sell the company a certain amount of the crop or livestock at a predetermined price. Contract farming has several benefits for both farmers and agribusiness companies. For farmers, it provides them with a guaranteed market for their produce and can help them to improve their production methods. For companies, contract farming can provide a reliable source of raw materials and can help to reduce production costs. There are some risks associated with contract farming, but these can be mitigated by carefully choosing partners and drawing up contracts that are fair to both parties. With proper planning and management, contract farming can be a win-win proposition for both farmers and companies.

The benefits of contract farming

Contract farming can be beneficial for both farmers and companies. Companies can get a steadier supply of agricultural products and farmers can get a guaranteed price for their crops. Contract farming can also help farmers to improve their production by providing them with access to better technology and inputs.

How to find a contract farmer

Flychem India has strong framer co-ordination team to identify suitable farmers or groups who can fulfil your requirements, you just need contact us through email: krish@flychemindia.com 

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